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At the world’s edges – large-scale project starts in autumn 2018

In the past three years, I have been traveling with my camera in various parts of the planet and have taken many photos and brought exciting experiences back home. Indigenous people thereby play a central role. People from four continents, living in such diverse habitats as forests, savannas, ice or water, tell their stories. A film team accompanied me all along. From over 150 hours of footage a cinema film will emerge. Moving pictures also enrich my new live show. The tour through Germany will take place with Greenpeace again. In addition, a high-quality premium picture book, published by Knesebeck Verlag, appears.


Detailed information about the project can be found here:

At the world’s edges

An den Rändern der uns bekannten Welt leben sie, die letzten indigenen Gemeinschaften – fernab der Zivilisation, und doch betroffen von ihren Folgen.
Bevor auch diese letzten indigenen Lebensweisen der stetigen Globalisierung weichen müssen, ist der Fotograf Markus Mauthe zu ihnen gereist – mit dem Ziel, die Schönheit ihrer Kulturen für uns sichtbar zu machen.
Die Reise führt vom Südsudan und Äthiopien zu den Seenomaden nach Malaysia und den Indios im brasilianischen Mato Grosso, die angefangen haben, sich gegen die Zerstörung ihres Lebensraums zu wehren.

Markus Mauthe feiert seit Jahren nicht nur mit seinen Bildern, sondern auch mit seinen Reisevorträgen große Erfolge – über 250.000 Zuschauer haben in den letzten 25 Jahren seine Berichte und Shows besucht. Nun hat er sich erstmals von einem Filmteam begleiten lassen und einen Einblick in seine Arbeit gewährt.
Das Ergebnis ist ein Film mit nahen, unverstellten Begegnungen in betörend schönen Bildern – und ein Appell für den Erhalt der indigenen Lebenswelten, die ohne unser entschlossenes Umdenken und Handeln dem Untergang geweiht sind.

Deutschland 2018, 90min., Farbe, 5.1 Ton

Produziert von FILMTANK
Gefördert von
Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig Holstein, MFG – Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg


weiter Infos unter: raender-der-welt-film.de

LOST People on the edges of the world - the new picture book

About my new book, the Knesebeck publishing house writes: "When nature photographer and environmental activist Markus Mauthe is on the road, it's all about the Earth's habitats. For his new project, the exceptional photographer traveled to the most remote areas of the world and visited indigenous tribes whose habitats are threatend through global influences and economic interests. His demanding and impressive photographs express the diversity of cultures and their lifestyles, testimonies of beauty created by eye to eye encounters that give voice to the vulnerable people around the world. "

LOST - People on the edges of the world

320 pages with 260 colored illustrations 50 €, - [D] | 51.80 [A]

ISBN 978-3-95728-138-8

Published: September 20, 2018


Dreamtime in a tropical paradise

Together with my wife Juliana, we have opened a Pousada (guesthouse) on our cocoa farm in the Brazilian state of Bahia.  

The fascinating cultivation of chocolate, tropical rainforest and endless sandy beaches await travellers and friends of nature that come and visit our small paradise.  An exciting program of activities combined with plenty of rest and relaxation will make your days with us memorable.    You’ll reside in our 160-year old mansion whose colonial architecture has been completely preserved. 

You can find out everything you need to know about this exciting opportunity on our homepage:

Fazenda Almada

Safe tropical rainforest with AMAP!

AMAP (Almada Mata Atlantica Project) is our non-profit nature conservation organization. We plant tropical rainforests in the area of the Brazilian cocoa coast, and provide their permanent protection. Help us to help one of the most biodiverse, but also endangered ecosystems on earth. Engaged people from Brazil and Germany are working on this important task with a lot of passion under the banner of AMAP. You can find all information about volunteering for the planting of trees, as well as financial contributions, on our homepage:


We launched the HORIZONTA. These are daily festivals that we organize in Kiel, Lübeck, Hamburg, Kassel & Reutlingen. Once a year, the best speakers will give live lectures of their adventures and show their photos and films on the big screen. Our non-profit association AMAP is the organizer. All profits go directly into the tropical forest projects of AMAP. In addition to its cultural performance, the event series is understood as a communication platform for the exchange and sensitization to environmental and climate protection. With this concept, HORIZONTA fills a previously empty space of such an event concept in Germany.

We look forward to many exciting encounters and lasting experiences.



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“Jäger des Lichts” (Hunters of the Light) The live multimedia show of the eponymous book.

We’re “stronger” together!

These are the absolute highlights of my life as a speaker – the evenings when I’m up on stage as a “hunter of the light” together with my four friends Ingo, David, Bernd and Florian.  Each person – an expert at what he does – together in one show that’s invariably a unique experience for both the visitors and the speakers alike. 

Infos of the Show